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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Nicki Blog

Chapter 1

Where It all Started

       November 16,2010 WELCOME to my official website! This is a personal letter of appreciation to all my Barbz and KenBarbz! This is the moment we've all been waiting for u guys! Pink Friday is finally here! And its all because of you!!! You stood by me, supported and promoted and together we've become unstoppable! Right now I'm on the bus headed to NY. I'm right on the verge of severe motion sickness. Its like a 12hr drive. Today was the first time I started feeling nervous about my big day. Sidebar: I've been watching Bridezillas for the last cpl hrs. Never saw this show before but its hilarious! Did yall see the one with the gay boy who was tryin on wedding dresses while the bride was in the dressing room? I was crying! Lmao. He got kicked out and grabbed his louis v pocketbook talkin bout he gon make a scene at the wedding if he don't get to walk down the aisle. Lmao. He was doing THEE MOST! Its weird all of the brides remind me of myself! Lol. Maybe I'm an AlbumZilla. This stuff can get real stressful. But anyHoo, After 11.22 I'll be an official AlbumIsta :). But anyHoo, I'll be doing a blog entry on a weekly basis (sometimes on a daily basis). Check back daily! Iiiiiiiiiiitttssss Barbie Biiiiiitttttcccchhhhhh!!!!! *high fives Team Minaj* Lol xoxoxo
December 6, 2010 Hey Barbz! Ken Barbz! Stud Muffins & Boyz! Just wanted to say that I finally got around to approving all my friend requests! I spoke to the designer about creating a button that allows you to "accept all" requests so it doesn't get so time consuming! Any hoo, I just wanted to say that performing for the troops was one of the best experiences of my career thus far. i mean that. these people sacrifice their lives and i don't think either of us realize how crucial they are to our freedom and lifestyles. i was happy that (if even for a moment) i could bring them a little joy. I know ur pissed u didn't get to see the roman's revenge performance on the show. sorry bout that. i performed moment 4 life as well. I'll perform on lopez tonite and i'll either perform roman's revenge or moment 4 life so i hope that makes up for it. right now i'm just looking at treatments for the videos and enjoying the success of pink friday. we've been breaking records left and right and it wouldn't be possible w/o the love & support i get from u guys! are you guys enjoying the site?

7 days later...

    December 13, 2010 Sometimes when one gets too much love and attention they develop a "big head". The praise and the love goes to their "head" instead of their "heart". Bragging, cocky attitude, disrespect... no appreciation, no humility. That "big head" will be the death of you. #LOVE
December 31, 2010 My Darlings,Today marks the end of something magical. 2010 has been extraordinary. Endings can be bitter sweet but every "end" ushers in a "beginning". A new beginning. A new enchanting beginning. I want you to hold on to 2011 and never let go. Hold on to it like your life depends on it ; because it does. Take charge this year. Refuse to lose. Refuse to be defeated. Refuse to have regrets. A wonderful world awaits you my darlings. Will you accomplish your goals or live a lie and pretend you're life is changing when you know its not? Will you kick ass in school or let this golden opportunity for education pass you by? Will you work hard or complain? Will you laugh in the face of danger or run away? Will you put God first and have faith that he's bigger than all of your problems? .... I guess only time will tell eh barbz? Any hoo, I wish above all things your new year be filled with love, peace & prosperity. You guys mean everything to me. Thank you for just being you! I'm soooo very proud of Team Minaj. All these Teams is ya SONZ. IF you had a dick would u pull it out and PISS on them? *ponders* muah! muah! mmmmuuuuuaaaaahhhhhh!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR TEAMMINAJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love alwayz, HB

    Now you may wonder whats going on between November 16, 2010 through December 31, 2010. Well she has been doing her album, getting awards and it goes on!